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15 Reasons Ferrets Make Awesome Pets

  1. Ferrets are affectionate like dogs yet with an independent streak, like cats.
  2. Ferrets never really "grow up" and act like puppies and small children their entire lives.
  3. Ferrets are unique--not everyone has seen one or knows what one is.
  4. Ferrets are small, so they have small accessories (carriers, clothing, etc.) that cost less than they would for a large dog.
  5. Ferrets are the perfect size to live in an apartment or small home.
  6. Since they live in a cage, ferrets can be more easily confined to one area of the home, in order to accommodate persons with allergies.
  7. Ferrets play hard and sleep harder--up to 22 hours per day!
  8. You can wake ferrets up to play with you at anytime, making them the most easygoing schedulers.
  9. With proper training and reinforcement, ferrets can maintain a very solid track record with the litter box.
  10. Ferrets always make you smile with their crazy antics.
  11. Ferrets are tough to photograph, but when you get a good shot, it's awesome!
  12. Ferrets think everything you put in front of them is the most amazing toy ever.
  13. Ferrets will endlessly entertain you by stealing and hoarding pens, remotes, socks--you name it.
  14. Taking a ferret on a walk with a harness and lead is a sure way to get some attention!
  15. Ferrets love to cuddle--each other and their owners!
Can you think of any more reasons why ferrets make the most awesome pets?        
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