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180X steals the show, again.

180XT, ready for action.

I recently had an opportunity to try out the stain fighting power of 180XT on not only one, but two formidable household stains: red wine and blood.

Now, if you know anything about 180XT, you know that it is specially formulated to erase stains caused by biological matter. Such stains are often the toughest, because traditional detergents can actually set them in and make them permanent, which is obviously the opposite from what we are trying to accomplish.

This experiment was interesting because both of the stains were set in, meaning they were old. Blood and red wine have a pretty good chance of being removed from white cotton if they are rinsed and pre-treated immediately, before they are allowed to dry.

As many of us have found out the hard way, once they dry and age for a while, they can become next to impossible to remove - even if you try bleaching the fabric within an inch of its life.

The first step - soak the stain with 180XT.

I haven't seen a challenge that 180XT hasn't been able to conquer, though, so I had pretty high expectations. I laid out the two white linens, one with a red wine stain and one with a few random bloodstains and doused them with 180XT per instructions.

As always, the next step is to agitate with a brush, which activates the pheromone-lifting technology that powers 180XT's success. Then, I immediately laundered both with hot water and a little laundry soap. I figured with the aggressive washing and tumbling action in a front-loader washing machine, I could go ahead and skip the "blotting" step.When the spin cycle finished, and the moment of truth arrived, I pulled them out of the washer shook them out and inspected. No trace of either stain! I immediately dried them, only a tiny bit worried that they might come out with a residual stain border - the kind you can sometimes miss if you don't look close enough when they first come out of the washer. In that situation, of course, you don't want to throw them into the dryer, because that will set the stain, and then you're totally out of luck.

However, 180XT stayed true to its stellar reputation. The linens came out without a trace of blood or wine or anything. I am very impressed, because I've not yet found a stain that 180XT could not handle.
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