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A Happy Customer

This morning I opened my email and read this very nice message from a happy ferret owner and I thought I would share it with you. What a great way to start the work week. Linda Cope, New Media Manager at Marshall Pet Products I'm not sure if you would be the correct person to get his but if not can you please forward or send me the email and I will galdly forward to whom ever would need to receive this to make sure proper credit is given to you and the woman that contacted me. Thanks so much for being so personal and on my level with me having so little knowledge of my new found pet. I just wanted to write and say thank you for all the help you have given me with my new pet ferret. I sent an email on a Friday just in response, I didn't need immediate attention just pretty much making small talk about some of Possum (our ferret, girl) some of her habits. I received a phone call from a very sweet woman stating that they got my message and wanted to make sure that if I had any questions she contacted me before the weekend so if it was pressing I would have my answers (I do not recall if it was the same person who responded to email I apoligize for that I hope you can find out who it is and express my thanks). I have never gotten service like that with any animal and I thought it was amazing that you give that much attention even after a Marshall Ferret is in the home with a family.  I also received a package in the mail with 2 toys for Possum so thank you again (this might be something I signed up for lol but even so she loves them :) Thank you. Thanks for the wonderful service, we love our new addition. Nicole

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