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A reminder about the hazards of hidden fence collars

Something happened to my dog today, and although it makes me feel like a derelict pet owner, I'm going to share it because it might help someone. Like millions of fine and upstanding Americans pet owners, I utilize an underground fence to contain my mongrels. We have used one for years, and never had any issues. Then, out of the blue, my poor puppy developed a sore on her neck. But not just a sore. A bedsore. Or, a pressure necrosis, as it's medically termed.

Ava and Hazel bask in the freedom afforded by their underground fence.

Now, as a conscientious dog owner, I know that the collars associated with these fences (which are radio, and not electric as many people call them) are not meant to be left on for extended periods of time. They can definitely cause a lot of pain and damage for a poor puppy if never removed and adjusted and cleaned. We usually take the collars off at night, and for walks and playtime. But somehow, and I don't know if it's because of holiday traveling, or other people caring for or dogs, or maybe Ava was just sleeping a certain way on her collar, or she gained weight in her neck that made the prongs push further into her--whatever the combination of circumstances, it resulted in a nasty little wound--one we were horrified to discover.

Pressure necrosis from a hidden fence collar.

The vet was closed, and it was late at night when we discovered it, so we decided to wait until the morning to take her to the vet. Which left me plenty of time to do what everyone would do in this situation - search the Internet frantically. I was relieved to learn that I am not alone. I read of many other dog owners whose precious puppies developed nasty sores in a very short period of time. So, I guess the takeaway here is that these wounds can develop a heck of a lot faster than you could possibly imagine.

Happy Ava before her unfortunate wounding.

I guess it just takes the right combination of pressure, temperature, dirt, moisture, atmospheric pressure - who knows. This instance did make me wish that I had

Pet Solution on-hand. This is exactly the application that this product is made for. However, I am out of Pet Solution right now, so I need to take care of that before the next canine malady strikes.

Always nice to have on hand.

In the absence of Pet Solution, I used Neosporin on a Q-tip. But I will tell you that a spray bottle of soothing electrolyzed oxidizing water would have been highly preferable to sticking a goopy Q-tip into what is essentially a puncture wound (sorry, Ava!) I need to pick up another bottle so I'm more prepared for the next random injury. I'll let you know how it goes.

Emily S.

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