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All I Want for Christmas (is a New Fuz-zy)

Can you imagine the giddy excitement of seeing a pink nose and impish masked face peeking out from a lavishly wrapped package? The ultimate childhood cliché, receiving a puppy, kitten (or in this case, kit) for the holidays is an unparalleled thrill--even if you're the one gifting yourself. Of course, this Hallmark moment requires a little more preparation and foresight than simply placing a baby ferret in a gift box and calling it a holiday. Any pet, ferret or otherwise, is a gift that keeps on giving--and we don't mean jelly-of-the-month club-style. More like vet bills, affection, attention, accommodations and overall lifestyle alteration. But don't let our words of reality dampen your enthusiasm for placing a new baby ferret high on Santa's list. Simply follow our simple guidelines for conscientious and responsible holiday ferret-gifting. 1. Don't really gift wrap the ferret up in a box. This goes without saying, but...just saying. 2. Keep other household pets away from the new ferret until they can be properly acclimated--ideally, away from holiday excitement and extraneous stimuli. This is to prevent harm, both psychological and physical, to all pets involved. 3. Identify household hazards and remedy them beforehand. For example, keeping the baby ferret away from the tree is a good idea. Christmas trees are a veritable booby trap for ferrets. Remember: tinsel and intestines don't mix. 4. Consider adopting a ferret from a rescue group. An older ferret might be tougher to acclimate, but you'll be doing a good deed--especially if you already have a ferret of a similar age. That way, the new pair will have similar energy levels. 5. Be sure to have the essentials on-hand: cage, litter box, food, and toys. Have the ferret's living quarters assembled to help reduce transitional stress. 6. Schedule your new ferret's initial vet appointment ahead of time. This way, you'll have one less task on your post-holiday to-do list. 7. Think about how cute a baby albino ferret would look with a red bow as big as its head. And don't forget to take lots of pictures and share them with us our fans on our Facebook page! You'll cherish this heartwarming moment for years to come.
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