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Are Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season?

Safety is important all year long, but during the holidays there are even more safety issues to be aware of. While most people know the basic rules of safety, some of us tend to overlook a few critical factors especially when it comes to the holidays. It's important to understand the very nature or instinct of your pet to get a better idea of where danger may lurk. A Christmas tree may be very inviting for many pets due to the dangling ornaments, sparkling lights and shiny tinsel, but all of these items can be potential hazards if chewed on or broken. Hang these objects out of reach whenever possible. Wrapped presents look beautiful under the tree, but they create some safety hazards. Make sure that the ribbons are secure and that they don't have wire in them. Consider what's inside the box as well, animals have a keen sense of smell and can locate those nicely wrapped goodies quickly. The sweet treats you and I love, such as chocolate, can be dangerous and even fatal to our pets. It's best to keep these morsels in a safe place away from curious beings. Electric cords are in abundance at this time of year too, so be sure to safeguard them as well as your pets, by using a protective cord cover such as the critter cord. Even items that don't seem harmful, such as candles, could be dangerous if ingested. Plants such as Poinsettias, can also pose a threat to your pets. Certain flowers and plants cause toxic reactions in cats and other small pets. Very small amounts, if ingested, have been known to cause acute kidney failure. For a complete listing of harmful plants visit As always, if you are unsure if your pet has swallowed something harmful or their behavior has changed in some way, i.e. lethargy, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. consult your veterinarian immediately for a thorough examination. If you'd like to share a pet safety related story or tip, please send us a note at and we may publish it! Have a safe and happy holiday!
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