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Baby ferret progress! Week 3

The babies are growing and growing! They have settled into their new cage, and have figured out how to use the ramps and levels. They are about 90% potty trained. I have been impressed with their progress! It has just taken a little vigilance to make sure they use the potty before they come out to play. Sometimes it's helpful to let them run around a bit, let off some steam, and "work up" a poop before placing them back in the litter box to go. Then we're assured a good amount of time for play before we need another litter box break!

The furbabies are extremely kid-friendly, and although they can become curious with their little baby teeth, they are very gentle and, of course, incredibly entertaining.

These two are still eating Marshall Premium Ferret Diet softened with water. I add about 1/3 food and 2/3 water. At first, it seems like way too much water, but after it sits for a bit, the food swells up, and is the perfect porridge-like consistency to be consumed by their baby teeth.

Their curiosity is unending!

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