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[caption id="attachment_863" align="align-right" width="298" caption="Be prepared in case your pet gets sprayed."][/caption] Like a good scout you should always have some handy items in your tool kit. Pet ownership is no different, especially when you have a curious canine. Some dogs are so good at finding trouble that it seems like that's their only job. With a little planning and preparation, you'll be ready for whatever comes your way. For example your dog may have a penchant for rolling around in muddy water or worse, maybe he gets too close to the neighborhood skunk. Perhaps your dog is a bit of a show-off and gets into a scuffle with another four-legged friend. Whatever the issue, there are some natural solutions that can make your life easier: EB Wet Dog: Just as the name implies, it takes away that familiar wet dog smell. Spray and saturate coat - no need to rinse. EB Skunk Free: Perfect for getting rid of skunk spray on your dog. Just spray and leave on and the smell dissipates immediately. EB Canine Solution: Excellent for cuts, wounds, hot spots, skin irritation. Spray on affected area to clean and help heal. Don't forget other important items for your pet's tool kit as well, such as gauze strips, medical tape, cotton balls, fresh water, and treats. When you're prepared, you can enjoy all of your outings with your pet.

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