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Caution: Curious Cats!

A friend of mine, who had procrastinated long enough, finally resolved to do her laundry. As she finished throwing some towels in the dryer, she walked back upstairs to make herself a fresh cup of coffee. When she reached the top of stairs, she noticed a loud thumping sound emanating from the basement. She couldn't remember throwing any tennis shoes in the dryer, but Lord knows that's not the first time she had forgotten what she had done. So she hurriedly went back downstairs and opened the dryer door. Much to her surprise, there was her slightly dazed cat swaddled in warm towels! Thankfully, there was no harm done and after a few minutes he was off on his next journey. What we can all learn as owners of curious pets is to take another look at our world from our pets' point of view. If there are warm and inviting places that only a small pet such as a cat, ferret or even a guinea pig can get into, the chances are good that they are going to seek and find those nooks. Some places that we should always double check before operating machines, driving cars, sitting down, etc.:
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Laundry baskets Cars - inside and/or under the hood
  • Under sofa and chair cushions
  • Under bed covers
  • Between walls
  • In insulation
If you have any stories of how curiosity almost killed your cat (or other pet), let us know! We just might post your story in our newsletter or next blog. Email:
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