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Common Reasons and Solutions for Ferret Nipping

Many of you have been asking why your ferret is nipping and how to train them to stop this habit. Here's a few things to keep in mind and how to stop them from nipping. Age * Young ferrets often nip because they're teething so it is important to provide teething toys or other distractions. Luckily they grow out of this stage when their adult teeth come in. Health * Unhealthy ferrets may nip due to discomfort or pain so if nipping continues after the teething stage, take your ferret to the vet to get a full evaluation. * When ferrets are hungry they tend to nip more, so make sure their water and food is always fresh and accessible. Playtime * Ferrets, like any pet, can get bored with their environment and may resort to nipping or other unwanted behaviors as attention-getting devices. Make sure that your ferret has a fair amount (at least 4 hours) of out-of-cage time interacting with you and other family members. Curiosity * Ferrets are very inquisitive creatures, so remember to wash your hands especially after handling food or even applying lotion before you play with them. They have a keen sense of smell and may be interested in the scent on your hands. Behavior and Bad Habits * If your ferret lived with someone else prior to you, he may have developed some bad habits including nipping. Whether the nipping is out of fear or just a bad habit, you can train your ferret not to bite, with a firm, but gentle scruff accompanied by a short and soft, "no!" We never recommend tapping a ferret on the nose. Training must be done gently and consistently for the best results. For more advice, please call our customer service department at 1-800-292-3424.

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