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Earth's Balance Product Give Away

Friday was our semiannual company meeting and we felt that was the perfect time to do a product giveaway of our new Earth's Balance line for the employees of our company. Everyone seemed to be pleasantly surprised at what the products could do for their pets, their homes and their families, and they were equally excited to try them. As people came in, we unloaded and handed out cases of products, explaining what each was used for and why they are all necessary for pet owners. One product in particular that seemed to go over well, was Wet Dog, our spray on odor eliminator. Not only does this product remove that distinct wet dog odor, but also many other unpleasant odors that come from canine companions. All of our products were well-received and we're eager to see what kinds of feedback will come within the next few weeks. To find out how these products to can help your pets, visit

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