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Ferrent Spotlight: Jas Cole

"I just recently bought two Marshall Ferrets at Petco in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They are both boys; 1 is six months old, and I named him Mr. Weinie Weasel. The other is two months old, and his name is Dodger Badger. I just wanted to thank you for my two precious babies.

They are very spoiled--a 5-level special-ordered habitat, a large play pen, lots of toys, litter-trained and trained on harness leash and a very accurate diet. I used to raise ferrets in West Virginia more than 20 years ago with my mom, so I have extensive knowledge of their health needs, and I am a veterinary technician specializing in small and exotic animals. I care for animals very much, so I care for them and provide a healthy balanced diet suited to their needs.

I just wanted to thank you for them; they are a joy to my home. Thank you so very much."

-Jas Cole
Warm Springs, Arkansas

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