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Ferret FAQ: Nail Clipping

Q: Trimming their nails ... Is it safer to have a professional trim their nails? I'm just scared to do it, in fear of cutting too close. But their nails are getting long. Please let me know.

Thanks -Kate

A: Trimming their nails shouldn't be too tough, provided you have some help. Have a friend hold the ferret safely (scruffing him while supporting his body) while you address the nails. When you get more comfortable with the task, you might attempt doing it yourself, while distracting the ferret with a drop of FuroVite or Ferretone on their belly--you clip away while they lick it off. Some ferret owners even swear by clipping their fuzzies' nails while they are fast asleep.

You can use special ferret nail clippers, or choose human clippers. The sharper, the better. You just want to be very careful not to nick the quick (the pink part) or the ferret will decide very quickly that nail clipping is a bad thing. Plus, it can bleed. The more frequently you clip the nails, the more the quick recedes. So, clipping the ferret's nails regularly can help keep the quick smaller (because it doesn't have to grow as long to supply blood to the longer nail.) So choose regular, light clipping over clipping a lot of nail more often.

You could start by just clipping the very tips, waiting a few days, and then clipping some more. With a little practice, you'll be a pro!

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