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Ferret-Sitting Means Ferret-Proofing

Every good ferret owner may find himself or herself in the need of a good ferret sitter at some point in time. Tyrone and Trixie have been staying with a friend, so this topic has been top of mind. Ferrets are very forgiving animals when it comes to changes of environment, so long as they are adequately provided for and eased in comfortably. The biggest thing to look out for when moving your ferrets to a new environment? Hazards. Ferret-proofing is something that should always be carefully considered by every ferret owner. When you're in someone else's home, the stakes are even higher. It is your responsibility as the ferret owner to help identify anything that could cause your fuzzy any harm--or even cause their property any harm.

The first thing to do when introducing your ferrets to a new home is find an isolated location to let them out. Ideally, this would be a room with a door that shuts. This way, you can ferret-proof the one room. Once the ferrets are acclimated to that one room, you can move on to other rooms in the home. It is less stressful for the ferrets to be introduced to a new environment in such a phased approach, rather than allowing them full run of the home immediately. This might over-excite them, and caused them to get into mischief--and you'll have a very hard time keeping track of them!

One of the most important aspects of the ferret-sitting environment is whether or not the ferret sitter has other animals. While ferrets are known it to get along swimmingly with dogs and cats, this is not a hard and fast rule, and should not be implicitly trusted. Some dogs, especially hunting dogs, will view a ferret as prey. The same goes for some cats. It is critical that introductions are slow and tightly supervised. In a ferret-sitting situation, it is probably best to keep the animals separated to avoid any chances of injury to all involved.

As far as cats go, cats come with litter boxes. And ferrets love to dig. When ferrets are out and about in the home, it is essential that areas with litter boxes are rendered inaccessible. Ferret plus litter box equals a gross mess and possible health hazard.

With a little bit of preparation, moving your ferrets to a new home for a short-term stay should be low-stress and easily accomplished. And your fuzzies will love the change of scenery and the chance to make new ferret-fans!

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