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For the love of a fuzzy: New York ferret owners hold onto hope

Can you even imagine having to hide your dog or your cat? Sneaking him or her out of the house for vet appointments? Hiding your ferret food purchases? Hoping that someone doesn't catch a glimpse and maliciously "report" your special friend?

For the last fifteen years, that's been the reality for New York City ferret owners.

To be fair, New York City only reported two "official" incidents of ferrets being taken away from their homes after neighbors complained. But that doesn't keep current the current ferrets of New York City from living in as much secrecy as their owners can muster.

But now it looks like luck (and legal perseverance!) has turned in their favor. After years of lobbying, the ferret owners might get a hearing on the matter of ferret legality by the end of the year.

As a reminder, as the law stands now, ferrets are legal in all states except California and Hawaii, and in certain municipalities among certain states, including New York City.

The main group of lobbyists is known as Legalizing Ferret Ownership in NYC and has chosen to remain largely anonymous, for fear that their beloved pets might be taken away if their identities are revealed in the media.

Let's keep our thoughts with them, and remain extra appreciative when we spend time with our fuzzies in public and out on the town.

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