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Furbaby Week 1 Checkin

Wow. I can't believe in two days it will be a whole week since we got the two new babies. They've only been here for five days, but it feels like so much longer. It's a good reminder to clear your schedule when you're expecting new babies. They do take more time and energy than you may initially think. Also, it's really easy to get distracted just watching them play, because they are so darn cute! I think I have wasted much time this week just giggling t them. Of course, it wasn't a waste, because we were bonding!

It's always a joy to watch ferrets fearlessly interact with humans. And these babies, true to their species, show no fear.They are curious with their mouths--SuperChew helped with that a lot. In fact, they squabbled over the SuperChew tirelessly! They also made great strides with their litter training.

They have eaten, a lot. Seriously, they eat like they have been absolutely starved. Which, I can attest to the fact that they have not. They've gotten plenty of food.

The most intriguing thing is how night and day their personalities are. The little girl is feisty and rambunctious. She was the one to catch on first to the litter training concept. She is full of vim and vigor, and never seems to tire out. She is always dancing, darting, and hopping. She likes to boss the boy around. She is very vocal.

The little boy is completely chill. He is very gentle. Very quiet. Whereas the little girl is a dancer and a doctor, the little boy is more of a hopper, rabbit-style.

Just this afternoon, I left them out to play in the office as I typed, as I have been doing these last few days. The little girl was running around all crazy showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. The little boy played for a while, then resolutely climbed back into the cage, took a water break, and crawled back into his bed.

I can already tell that he is one special ferret.

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