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Happy Super Bowl Sunday--how huge is your ferret?

I ate too many Super Bowl snacks!

If your ferret is partaking in as many unhealthy football-related snacks as you are, take care that he doesn't end up looking like this behemoth.

We are just saying! That is one big, big mama ferret!

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We'd like to know about his dietary habits--or maybe his genealogical makeup! Because you don't see a ferret of such substantial size just every day. He's about the size of a dachshund!

Seriously, though, we're sure his diet is free of nacho cheese and lil' weenies (no pun intended.)

But, for the record, check out some healthy ferret snacks and treats here. In case you're worry about your furry friend reaching, um, epic proportions. Yum, yum!.

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