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Horse Stalls Smell!

Let's face it: horse stalls and dog kennels smell. You can try to keep them as clean as possible with conventional methods, but they still smell. No matter how long you've worked around them, or how accustomed you are, you won't ever enjoy the odor produced by the fecal pieces smeared and ground into places you can't clean properly. These elusive leftovers bring something even worse: flies. These winged tormentors become a serious problem for stall and kennel owners, especially during the summer months. The tiny buggers pester the animals relentlessly, bringing various health and wellness concerns along with their generally annoying innate behavior. The solution? Industrial strength odor-killing spray. Based on a proprietary blend of probiotics and plant-based ingredients, Stench Drench from Earth's Balance is an odorless natural cleansing agent that works safely on all surfaces. Which is good, because stalls and kennels are made of various materials such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, bedding and concrete. Rest assured that Stench Drench cleans them all. With Stench Drench, you know that you are safely giving the stalls and kennels a true, thorough cleaning that benefits not just the health of the animals, but your olfactory senses as well. They will thank you. Take our word for it.
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