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How does Daily Boost improve your dog's health?

How does Daily Boost improve your dog's health, wellness and daily performance?  The secret is in the solution. Simply put (or as simply as we can muster), Daily Boost is a concentrated, micro-structured, electrolyzed water solution with powerful antioxidant properties. Many people would read this last sentence, nod their heads and move on. But what does it really mean? How do the active ingredients in Daily Boost have a positive, measurable effect on your dog's system? Specifically, what do fancy terms like "micro-structured" and "electrolyzed" really mean? We'll start with the former. "Micro-structured" refers to the molecular structure of water. Pre-bottled water, as well as tap water, is made of large groupings of unstructured molecules called conglomerates. These conglomerates are far too large to penetrate the walls of cells and hydrate them efficiently. When your dog is dehydrated, he is more susceptible to a weakened immune system and depleted energy. Daily Boost utilizes electrolyzed alkaline water, which means the molecules in the water are broken down via electric current. When water molecules are broken down into smaller pieces, they penetrate cells faster, absorb nutrients more efficiently, hydrate more efficiently, and facilitate the removal of cellular waste. So, basically, your dogs' cells get better nutrients, hydration and waste removal, all of which work together to bring his overall homeostasis closer to balance. Not only does Daily Boost help your dog perform at a better level, it helps increase the strength of his immune system.  As your dog gets older, adding Daily Boost could help extend his active years, and who wouldn't want a few more good years with their best buddy?  
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