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Keep your fuzzy safe during the festive time of year


It's that special time of year again when we remind you of all the hazards that face ferrets during the holiday season. For all their festive beauty, Christmas trees and other holiday decorations embody everything that ferrets find fascinating: things that sparkle, twinkle, crunch, crinkle and dangle: basically, anything and everything even remotely associated with a Christmas tree.

Pine needles, tinsel and garland are just some of the things that should be kept as far away from a ferret's digestive tract as possible. Ferrets look absolutely adorable in front of the Christmas tree, but those picture sessions need to be highly supervised, just in case the wily creature decides to go rogue and race up the tree. Electric lights are another obvious hazard, as ferrets love to chew on cords and anything plastic.

One sure way to get ferrets into the holiday spirit safely is by getting them in the fashion of the season. Marshall Pet Products offers really cute tiny little ferret sweaters and Santa hats. Plus, if you have been following the recent hit movie Santa's Little Ferrets, you know that ferrets are completely en vogue this holiday season. Wouldn't it be precious to watch your furbabies discover something under the tree just for them? Of course, they will love the box and the wrapping paper more than a gift!

Ferrets--what are we going to do with them? Enjoy the holiday season with your special furry friends.

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