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Litterbox Hacks for Ferrets

Your ferret does his daily duty, and you must due yours to keep things clean and fresh-smelling. Most ferrents (that's "ferret + parents, for those who don't know) are aware of the standard litter advice when it comes to ferret litter training: don't use clumping litter, leave a little bit of "dirty" litter behind after cleaning so they can identify the box by scent, make sure they use the box before they come out to play, etc. We wanted to share some additional advice that might prove useful.

  • The bigger, the better. Use a large litter box, such as the Marshall Lock-On Litter Pan. Some pet stores and pet outlets sell small, corner-shaped litter pans for small pets. While these small sizes look convenient, ferrets really prefer a box they can fit all four feet in. A roomy box greatly reduces the chance of a ferret "going" in front of it instead of inside of it--or missing the mark completely.
  • Use a child's sand shovel instead of a litter scoop. Traditional litter scoops are often designed with cats in mind, and have slots to allow the clean litter to fall through while the clumps stay behind. They are also larger. Peruse dollar stores for smaller, plastic shovels with a long handle that are just right for the job.
  • Clean out the box consistently. This advice is standard fare, but it's worth repeating. The key to less odor is consistency. You may choose to remove soiled litter once a day or several times a day, or you may choose to dump the entire box at a set regular intervals. Whatever you choose to do, just stick to the schedule to keep the ferrets odor-free and healthy.
  • Speaking of odor...use Goodbye Odor. Available as a treat or liquid supplement, this additive works inside the ferret's body to reduce odors before they start. It might sound like magic...but it's not. Check out the reviews...they speak for themselves. Just like litterbox cleaning, the key to success with Goodbye Odor is consistency. It's imperative that you use the supplement every day to keep the effect working.
Stick to these tips, and you'll have a happy, healthy and odor-free ferret environment!
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