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Living (Comfortably) with Pets and Allergies

Considering the fact that an overwhelming number of
homes in the US have pets, it's proof that we've chosen
our love of animals over our need to be allergy-free.
Unfortunately, pet allergens are difficult to be completely
free of since they are produced in saliva, skin glands,
and urine, with pet hair being a prime carrier.
Our beloved pets shed dead skin cells commonly
referred to as dander. These flakes hold the proteins
that people with allergies react to and they are virtually
We can, however, breathe a little easier by following
some basic tips - see below!
* Wash all bed linens and bed covers in hot water and
dry thoroughly before restoring to bed.
* Use a portable HEPA air filter in bedrooms and other
living areas or consider attaching one to the main furnace.
* If possible, limit rooms that pets can be in and try to
keep them off of upholstered furniture and human
*  Certain pets are reported to carry less allergens
i.e. ferrets, hairless breeds of cats and dogs, so you may
want to do little research if you a getting a new pet.
* Use products such as Dander-Free to reduce
allergens that sit on pet's fur.
* Always wash hands after playing with your pets
* Bathe pets once a week if possible
* Remove wall to wall carpeting and replace with hardwood floors or area rugs, which are easier to keep clean
* Replace pet bedding once a year and keep clean on a regular basis. Sometimes allergies are actually caused by dust mites, that thrive in moist, warm places, i.e. bed sheets and comforters.

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