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Marshall Launches New GoodBye Odor Website

Marshall Pet Products is excited to announce the launch of the new GoodBye Odor website. No more searching around for GoodBye Odor (GBO) - it's right here in a fresh, new format with user-friendly tabs. Cat owners are now just one click away from a stink-free home  -! GoodBye Odor is a product that literally stops litter box odor before it starts. It's made using a natural plant derivative that was created centuries ago by Japanese herbalists and nutritionists. In fact, it was originally developed for human use and has been used successfully on ferrets and other small animals for years in North America. GoodBye Odor works naturally and gently in the digestive system, neutralizing blood urea and other odor-causing substances in the body. GoodBye Odor was created by Marshall Pet Products, leaders in pet care and pet nutrition for more than 70 years. It was a natural extension of the company's highly successful product, Bi-Odor for ferrets. Safe and effective, Bi-Odor has been used for over two decades in helping eliminate ferret odors. The simple, once-a-day application in food or water makes it easy to use. The company introduced GoodBye Odor for Cats this past year and has been seeing a steady increase in sales and awareness. To learn more about the GoodBye Odor visit or call 1-800-292-3424.

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