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National Ferret Day 2014: 10 reasons why ferrets are so awesome

In honor of National Ferret Day 2014, we present 10 reasons why ferrets are the most underrated and amazing pets, as well as a few fun facts, because, well, they're fun:

  1. Ferrets have no natural fear of humans. In fact, they have been domesticated longer than cats.
  2. Ferrets are not rodents and are not even closely related. They are on a totally different branch of the phylogenetic tree.
  3. Ferrets are native to Africa, but were domesticated in Europe.
  4. Ferrets arrived in America in the 17th century.
  5. The word "ferret" is derived from the Latin word "furonem," which means thief--and we all know why!
  6. Male ferrets are called hobs, neutered males are called gibs, female ferrets are called jills, spayed females are called sprites, and babies are called kits.
  7. A grouping of ferrets is called a business. Which is funny, because they sure can get into some business.
  8. Ferrets are historically used for hunting rabbits. Search "ferreting" on YouTube to check it out. They are good at what they do--until they decide to stop working and fall asleep in a random rabbit hole and have to be excavated with a shovel.
  9. Many ferrets wag their tails like a dog if they are happy or excited.
  10. Ferrets can smell and hear much better than they can see.
Share these fun facts with a friend and spread the fuzzy love!
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