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National Ferret Day 2014 Poem Contest Winners!

We had a tremendous response to our National Ferret Day 2014 Poem Contest. Marshall fans are a creative bunch! We look forward to new opportunities to allow our fellow ferret lovers to express their creativity. For this contest, each winner received a Bed Bug Play Set for their furry friend(s). Here are the winners:

National Ferret Day Poem Contest First Place: "These Ferrets of Mine" by Sue

The days can be long and the nights can be hell, When you're fighting a battle, and not feeling well, When family support doesn't really exist, I pick up a ferret, I'm instantly kissed! The pain is subsiding, A smile on my face, Human and ferret, together, embrace. Whiskers and paws snuggled under my chin, I really do feel a new day does begin. My ferrets are rescues, some were abused, Now healthy and happy, they're easily amused. Even on days when the sun doesn't shine, I find my own warmth in these ferrets of mine! There isn't a tablet, a liquid or pill, To make me feel good like a sweet ferret will! One little glance from those dark beady eyes, My pain soars away like a bird in the skies. 55 faces all watching me here, They brighten my day and they fill me with cheer, 55 ferrets all making me well, Each happy, and loved, and they are... I can tell! I don't need a doctor to tell me I'm fine, The meds that I choose are these ferrets of mine! All of them different, all of them same, Happy to please and play ferrety games, All of them know when their mom's feeling down They make me feel better by just being around. Ferrets should be on prescription, I think, 'Cause they really did bring me back from 'the brink.' Warm furry bodies that bounce on demand, I'm happy and healthy in my Ferret Land. And now every day, I'm up early and dressed, 55 furry things make me feel blessed! They fill up my days and they fill up my time, They fill up my heart, all these ferrets of mine! So my 'Ferret Rescue'... It works 2 ways, see, 'cause I rescue lots, But they ALL 'rescued' me! 55 ferrets, I'm feeling divine, And the feeling is down to these ferrets of mine!

National Ferret Day Poem Contest: Second Place "Ferret Math" by Becky

Darwen was the first to arrive. Tiny and fuzzy, our relationship thrived. So much fun, but an only one, a friend was what he needed! Then along came Izzie, she keeps me very busy! Clearly warnings of ferret math weren't heeded. Best buds straight away, the pair played night and day. Our community was complete, with 8 teeny, tiny feet! Until a sunny spring-like day I saw him, on his side he did lay. A sleeping baby brown bear, with soft, fuzzy hair! His eyes were smiling, his nose so cold and wet. The pet shop employees knew right away, he would soon be my pet. I held him, and I knew he'd come home with me. Silly thing, that ferret math... I blinked and now have three!

National Ferret Day Poem Contest: Third Place "What am I?" by Amanda

What am I, you ask? Well, I'll give you a clue I wear a mask and I'll gladly bite your shoe What am I? I'm full of spunk and love to dance. No, not a skunk...but I do love to prance. What am I? I will giggle and laugh while I play hard to get. I often will squiggle...Can you guess yet? Well, you'll get it this time, I bet. Some say I smell and others say I bite. They are both wrong for I am just swell and my eyes are full of kind light. What am I? I'm very social and love tons of friends. You can often find me sleeping in hammocks all day But come night you'll have a hard time keeping up with what I say. What am I? I love to hide stuff, some call me a shark I'm as sweet as a dove and sure to leave my mark on your heart. What am I? I am very smart and love a new toy. I'll even ride in the cart, though I'm not fond of soy. What am I? I'll chase your feet and hop around. I'll dance to a beat while I tag you in a bound. I'll even walk on a leash...Any guesses? Perhaps this will help. I tend to make messes.... What am I? Okay, I'll make it easy. Now this may seem cheesy, but my name rhymes with carrot. Yes, that's right! I am a ferret!

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