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New products get rave reviews

by Annik - proud owner of two adorable Marshall ferrets We love it when our customers are happy. Just read what Annik has to say about our newest products. We couldn't have said it better - thanks Annik! Marshall Pirate Ship: My ferrets probably are pirates themselves as they do not want to share the Ship! They love fighting in it and they love to sleep in it. I love the fact that you may choose between using it inside or outside your pets cage as the clips are removable. The Pirate t-shirt is LOVELY! I find is the BEST t-shirt I ever had for my ferrets. It fits perfectly to Demon and Johnny (Demon is bigger than Johnny) ! The Pirate Ship set is adorable! Marshall Krackle Sack: They LOVE to sleep in it! They love the Krackle Sound it makes when they're fighting in it and Demon seems to love it. I think it might be one of Demon's favorite toys. Very Cute! Marshall Fun-N-Games Blanket: It's amazing how much my ferrets love it! Johnny loves the X's and O's bell toys. He loves to play with them and hide them. Demon and Johnny both love to play a game of peek-a-boo in this blanket and Johnny seems to love having his nap in it. Its easy to clean and they love it!

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