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New York ferret lovers get their moment in the sun

Since 1959, residents of New York City have been unable to keep ferrets legally as pets. They have been relegated to a category of "exotic" animals that also includes bears, bats, beavers, kangaroos and dolphins.

However, ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years, and are the third most popular domestic household pet in America. Still, in New York City (as well as Hawaii and California), only licensed professionals (like zookeepers) are legally allowed to own them.

But ferret lovers in New York (as well everywhere else!) are furr-rociously devoted to their pets of choice, and have petitioned the New York Department of Health to lift the ban. You can see their actual petition here:

We are thrilled to see our fuzzy furbabies get the love and recognition they deserve! Anything that enhances the precious pet-human bond is a win-win for everyone. The long-term health benefits of pet ownership are well-documented. And with today's bustling modern lifestyle, the more flexible the pet, the better. Ferrets are certainly flexible--they can bend in two, practically--and will arrange their schedules around their owner. Ferrets sleep up to 20 hours per day and can be awakened for playtime. They are litter-trainable, friendly, affectionate, and all-around awesome. What's not to love?

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