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Our First Ferret Experience

by Stephanie; Companion Animal Sales Representative at Marshall Pet Products I am a new employee at Marshall Pet Products and I have no experience whatsoever with ferrets, so how better to learn about the little creatures, then take two home for the weekend. Our household consists of an animal loving husband, a 6 year old princess animal lover, a pug dog, and 3 cats (2 that are indoor/outdoor). I was a bit uneasy when before I got home, we had an incident. One of the ferrets had an accident in the carrier. So as soon as we got home, my daughter & I learned how to bathe the ferrets. They both were very well behaved in the sink, and we got through it without any problems. As we toweled them dry, I was amazed how cuddly they wanted to be with us and how quickly we were all bonding with them. Later on in the evening, I let my daughter hold the older ferret, and she curled right up on her lap on a blanket. My daughter definitely bonded! The following day, we were brave and let the little fuzzies have playtime out of their cage. We made sure we baby-gated the stairs, and blocked off any dangerous areas. It was so funny to see them run around and play & investigate everything new. The ferrets were not afraid of our pets, they tried to sniff noses with all three cats, but all the cats ran away from them. I was amazed the cats were disinterested in the ferrets, being that all three cats go outdoors and try to hunt small creatures. Our pug, on the other hand, was the ferret guard. He followed the ferrets wherever they went, watching their every move. He never tried to chase them, and they were not intimidated by him whatsoever. Ferrets actually seem to be quite easy to take care of. We checked their water and food supply a few times each day, and cleaned out the litter pan once a day. We let them out to play about 3 times each day for about 45 minutes, and no accidents. The odor associated with ferrets is minimal, partly due to the fact that they are on GoodBye Odor constantly. It really works! It was truly hilarious to watch them roam around our house, investigating every little place, climbing into our shoes & boots, finding balls and chasing them around, and just their little way they run around and frolic. The best part was when they both got a bit tired of playing and just wanted to cuddle with us. We were all having fun and enjoying our houseguests. It was hard for my daughter to let them go back on Monday, but she finally agreed. Since our first visit, we have brought them home again, and they were as much fun as the first time. It is definitely easy to bond with these cute little fuzzies. They really are great pets with wonderful personalities. I think our family may have room for two little ferrets really soon!
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