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We asked Pat Wright, owner and organizer of, how his ferret obsession started and why he started his campaign to legalize ferrets in the state of California. Here is what he had to say. I got my first ferret, Chester, back in 1985. I lived in an apartment unsuitable for a dog and wanted something different.  I thought about chinchilla and iguanas - but they just didn't grab my attention. I had heard a little about ferrets and I decided that is what I wanted. Unfortunately, I got the best ferret ever first time out.  Chester had so much personality and he was so smart.  I marveled at his antics.  He spent a lot of time figuring out how to kill a prized house plant - and when he finally got it, his look of satisfaction erased all my annoyances.  Mission Accomplished!  He became my best friend. It was unfortunate because had Chester been an average ferret I wouldn't have become so involved.  Involved?  OK, obsessed is the better word.  It really burns me that I live in a state that is so illogical and unjust.  Truly - this is not a state "of the people, by the people."  It is a huge, bureaucratic nightmare of a state where the special interests and powerful politicians kill dreams.  We're first in taxes and last in quality of life.  It should be a simple thing to legalize ferrets. I truly appreciate the support of the ferret community.  I'm motivated by the stories I've heard. Countless stories of people in need because their ferrets were confiscated.  Countless tears and fears that ferrets would be harmed while in custody. Check out Pat's website and while you're there, visit his online store and get your own bumper sticker.

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