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Pet blogger, AmyJo Casner shares her experience at BlogPaws 2011

[caption id="attachment_854" align="align-left" width="256" caption="Anthony Rossano and Joe Panzella from Rescue Ink"][/caption] Blog Paws, which was founded in 2010, had its first pet blogging conference in Columbus, OH the first one designed around pet bloggers. This year Manny, Marcuz, and I were able to attend Blog Paws 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel in Tyson's Corner, VA along with over 700 other pet bloggers, pet businesses, and pet lovers. The Sheraton was an awesome place for this event. The staff went out of their way for those of us lucky enough to attend with our pets. From having pictured maps near the doors where a pet owner could take their pet to relieve themselves to setting up an area where our pets could be with us during meals. When something came up there was no fuss and it was taken care of including the preparations for Hurricane Irene's pending arrival. You would have never known there was anything causing a problem for the hotel. Blog Paws 2011 was informational; from how two guys, Anthony Rossano and Joe Panzella, started Rescue Ink and what their view on animal rescue is, to how to use the different social media sites, apps, and tools available to both individuals and businesses alike. It was also a treat to be the first place that Disney had its first press release of their newest buddies movie, "Spooky Buddies," coming out on DVD September 20th 2011. Talking with the director Robert Vince was both fun and educational. Meeting B-Dawg in the fur and getting our picture taken together was also a lot of fun. My favorite aspect of blog paws was being able to talk to people about Manny and Marcuz, and how ferrets are becoming a growing part of the pet community. It is through these informal chats that I have been able to talk to people like Andrea Arden from Animal Planet and others like her. Manny and Marcuz had a lot of pictures taken of them and many were to posted to different people's Facebook pages including P.A.L.S for life where they received over 200 comments within one hour of Manny's picture being posted. When asked what the attendee's favorite thing was about Blog Paws 2011, the answer was, "ferrets". That is the best reason for me and we have already booked our place for Blog Paws 2012 in Salt Lake City. Have a Chittering Good Day, Jo You can read more of AmyJo's posts on her blog.
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