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Pet Blogger, AmyJo shares her experience with GoodBye Odor

by AmyJo Casner
Proud ferret owner and pet blogger
Just over a month ago, I was told about Marshall's GoodBye Odor®. I have used other Marshall products because my boys, Manny and Marcuz, deserve quality products. I bought an 8oz bottle after the initial price shock.
The design of the bottle makes it easy to use with one hand if necessary. I did have a bit of a hard time getting the pump to unlock but once it was open I didn't have another problem. Unlike many other pump products this one never clogged up or spewing out a large hard clump of gunk.
I give all products a smell and a taste before giving them to my boys. GoodBye Odor® was no different. The smell reminded me of the paste one had in kindergarten and there was no taste to the clear liquid.
I added GoodBye Odor® to Manny and Marcuz's water during the morning feeding routine. I put the water dish in its holder and watched. Manny wasn't long in his morning ritual of pawing at the water. Which he normally does until most of the water is on the floor and him. At first he started pawing at the water but stopped after only a few moments to give the water a sniff and then he started to drink the water. For the first time Marcuz didn't have to wade through water to get a drink of the small amount of water usually left after Manny's morning bath.
Since I wasn't sure that Manny's reaction wasn't just cause it was something new and different I continued adding GoodBye Odor® to their water for a week. At the beginning of the next week I withheld the product and gave them their morning water. Manny and Marcuz gave the water bowl a sniff and came to the cage door to be let out, so I thought.
I let them out for their morning playtime and both boys headed to the shelf where I keep their feed and the bottle of GoodBye Odor®. For those that have ferrets you know there is no deterring them until they get what they want. Once they got on the shelf the bottle of GoodBye Odor quickly found its way to the floor with two ferrets following it down. I picked up the bottle and squirted it into their water. Among their excited chittering, they drank their water.
My first bottle lasted just over a month and after figuring out how much it would cost to get a shot a day it came out to just over fifty cents which is under what I pay for coffee. The end result (pun intended) was that GoodBye Odor® did what it said it was suppose to do and that was to reduce waste odor. After using this product for just over a month I have noticed that the litter box doesn't have that ferrety smell as much and I will continue to use GoodBye Odor® as I really like the results I am seeing.
You can read more about AmyJo and her ferrets on her blog at:
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