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Rabbit’s On the Go!

It's springtime and we all like to get outside for fresh air and exercise, that includes our pets! Spring also marks the beginning of the breeding season for most animals. And that can mean a flurry of activity in your otherwise peaceful yard. Small pets, such as rabbits will need extra supervision when outside during this time. Keep in mind that domesticated rabbits do not have the natural survival skills of a wild rabbit. Walking leashes or outdoor cages/playpens are strongly recommended and will keep your rabbit out of harms way. Here are a few tips on keeping your rabbit safe outside. - Purchase a harness or walking jacket and make sure it's snug so your rabbit will not wiggle out of it. There are many styles to choose from and Peter's has a fashionable rabbit walking jacket available at these online stores. Teach your rabbit to walk on a leash. Drs. Foster & Smith has a great article on how to achieve this from their education staff. - Avoid areas that might have pesticides or weed killer on lawns and gardens. These chemicals can be harmful to pets and can be fatal if ingested. -  Bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks can transmit various diseases. Check your rabbit for insects or bites after being outside and ask your local veterinarian for flea and tick control advice.- Some plants are poisonous for rabbits. Here's a comprehensive list from the Sacramento House Rabbit Society. -  Have a bottle of Peter's Wound Aide on hand in case your rabbit happens to get a small cut or abrasion. This will help prevent infections. - Know your surroundings and the potential rabbit predators in your area. Hawks, crows cats and dogs can suddenly appear out of nowhere causing stress, injury or death to your little rabbit. - Be aware of the signs of heat stroke! Rabbits are sensitive to high temperatures above 85F degrees. Labored breathing, flaring nostrils, salivating and inability to move are all signs that your rabbit might be having a heatstroke. - Never leave your rabbit unattended outside. The outdoors can be an exciting and fun place for your furry friends and with the proper safety precautions you both can have an enjoyable outing together.

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