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Recovery is easier with the help of Pill Paste

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for an update about poor Ava's neck. Well, after a quick trip to her veterinarian, she is on the way to being as good as new. You can see in the picture that her wound looks much less menacing now that it's shaved down and cleaned up.

Thankfully, she did not need stitches or anything drastic like that. She does have a small course of antibiotics to complete, as well as some pain meds, just in case she is in any discomfort. The antibiotic is called cefpodoxime and the analgesic is called carprofen.

Ava isn't too crazy about taking pills, but with the help of

Pill Paste, it has really become a non-issue. All I have to do is wrap the pill in bacon-flavored goodness, and she comes running to gobble it down whole.

The naked pill, pre-pill paste.

I really prefer this to my old method, which involved tearing strips off of a single piece of American cheese. I never wanted to use a whole piece of cheese, so I would have random pieces of cheese left over in the refrigerator and so my dogs finished their medicine. Another small drawback to this method is that cheese isn't necessarily the best thing to be feeding to a dog, especially a Weimaraner with a very sensitive stomach.

I have seen products specifically marketed as pill holders or pockets, but they seem expensive to me. I really like Pill Paste because it is not greasy at all, and it does not stick to my fingers. All in all, I think it's a pretty good invention. It definitely makes giving my dogs medicine much less of a hassle. And anything to make giving them pills easier on me and on them is definitely a good thing. Shoot, the next thing you know, I might even be giving them vitamins.

Yum, yum, gimme some.
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