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Sid and Nibz

Sid and NibzThese are the offspring of our ferrets Nibz and Mark. Nibz was given to my son as a pet and Mark [an albino] was found on a building site and was starving and covered in ticks and fleas, but soon recovered after a lot of TLC, Unfortunately Nibz died so we kept one of this bunch and named him Sid. Sid and Mark have a very nice lifestyle as they have the run of the back yard and the house. We also take them for walks, Mark doesn't need a lead, but Sid does. Sid also liked to bite people until he had a visit to the vets and had some parts removed. Ferrets make really good pets but need a lot of looking after and are quite complicated animals so it's worth studying about them before getting one or two. They are intelligent, cheerful little creatures with lots of personality and if you treat them well, they will become very close to you. Jerry

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