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Stained subfloor no more thanks to 180XT

[caption id="attachment_1160" align="align-left" width="225" caption="This carpet used to be white."]stained carpet[/caption] Those familiar with the intense stain-fighting power of 180XT have a healthy respect for its capabilities. After all, this product is able to actually remove not only urine stains, but the actual molecules that make up the pheromones in that stain. The bubbling action is what causes the stain to lift up and away. But the product also claims to be effective on the subfloor. How is this possible? I wondered. A subfloor is made of wood. How can you scrub wood enough to create bubbles? And can you blot it? Can 180XT really remove pheromones from the subfloor the same way it can remove them from carpet and upholstery? [caption id="attachment_1161" align="align-right" width="225" caption="The stains have definitely penetrated the carpet pad."]Stained carpet pad[/caption] I had unique opportunity to find out when I removed some extremely soiled carpet and carpet pad from a home. I mean, this was years and years of repeated dog accidents. It was as if every dog that entered the home assumed that this particular carpet was the doggie restroom and added their pheromone-filled contribution. Now, 180XT is completely capable of restoring carpet to like-new condition after a pet soils it, but this carpet was too far gone. It had to come up. And hardwood was going down in its place. Pulling the carpet up, I wondered if the stains had actually penetrated all the way through to the subfloor, or if they had been absorbed by the pad. The carpet pad is what is responsible for pet stains that magically "reappear" after they've been cleaned with lesser-quality cleaning products (including enzyme stain removers--enzymes do not remove pheromones, and the stain will reappear). When the stain isn't removed completely, it lurks down in the pad waiting to resurface, especially during times of high humidity. [caption id="attachment_1166" align="align-left" width="225" caption="180XT bubbling in action"]180XT bubbling in action [/caption] The carpet pad was definitely saturated--and the subfloor was definitely stained. I couldn't risk any pheromones lingering around under the new floor, encouraging pets to pee on the hardwood. After all, I can't exactly remove a hardwood floor down the road and treat the subfloor. It has to be done now. So I did, and it worked! I could see the white salt rings around the urine stains. A thorough application of 180XT immediately yielded that trademark bubbling action. [caption id="attachment_1165" align="align-right" width="225" caption="Pheromone elimination in progress"]Pheromone elimination in progress[/caption] I scrubbed it in for good measure. The next step was to let it dry thoroughly. The next day, I gave it the all-important sniff test--and no urine smell! 180XT was able to tackle ground-in stains that had been accumulating and lingering for years. Of course, the true test will be when the new floor is installed and no pets are tempted to tinkle. I'll be sure to report back! But I'm confident that 180XT got the job done, once more.  

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