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Terrific Tips for Litter Training Ferrets

In a perfect world ferrets would come home from pet stores litter trained. Unfortunately that isn't the case; here are some tips for litter training your ferrets.
  • When starting litter training, limit your ferrets area to a small section such as his cage or a playpen
    • Ferrets need time to adjust to the sights, sounds and smells of their surroundings.
    • If your ferret beings to relieve himself any place other than the litter pan gently move him to the high back litter pan,
    • If your ferret uses his litter pan for its intended purpose give him praise
  • What litter to use
    • We recommend using a recycled paper pellets, such as Marshall Premium Litter.
    • Litters that are chemically treated or dusty should not be used.
  • Training in a Marshall Playpen
    • Playpen training can be easier as the open top allows easier access to your ferret when moving him to his high back litter pan
    • The round shape of the Marshall Playpen offers no corners for your ferret to back up in
  • Expand his territory
    • When you ferret has been using his litter pan regularly you can expand his territory to a room.
    • Keep litter pans in strategic corners of the room (it's a good idea to keep newspaper under litter pans to protect flooring from accidents.)
  • Deterring your ferrets from corners
    • Using corner deterrent springs or crumpled up newspaper are good ways to keep your ferret from backing up into corners to relieve himself.
While all of these tips are important while litter training ferrets, it is also important to remember that repetitiveness is what will really teach your ferret to us their litter pan. Always keep close observation of your ferret while litter training. For any other questions we recommend the book "Ferrets for Dummies" as a great reference tool.
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