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The cat peed where? Get them back in the box with 180XT Stain, Odor & Pheromone Remover.

Cats urinate outside of the litter box for many reasons: health issues, separation anxiety, to "communicate" with other cats. Ever wonder why cats who pee outside the litter box re-mark the same areas again and again? It's the pheromones. A cat's sense of smell is over ten times more powerful than yours, making it easier for them to find those old urine spots. Cat urine odor is especially stubborn to remove because crystals in the uric acid bond with carpet fibers. But Cat Urine Extractor's exclusive MoleculiftTM technology neutralizes pheromones, and lifts away odors, helping cats resist the temptation to re-mark old urine stains. It's safe for carpets, people, and pets, but deadly for cat urine odors and stains.

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