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The Joys of Multi-Ferret Hood

Some of you already know this, but the joys of having more than one ferret are much like having more than one child. Each ferret is an individual with distinct personality traits and quirks. The beauty of multi-ferret hood is that in most cases, when you introduce a new ferret in the right way to your clan, he or she is greeted with open paws and quickly welcomed into the family. The fun of having more than one is highlighted by the antics of thievery and sheer playfulness. Ferrets truly love being in pairs and groups. They are social creatures and enjoy the company of other ferrets. We encourage you to add to your furry family, but be thoughtful in the introductory phase. Follow these basic steps for a smoother transition: 1. Make sure that your current ferret home is spacious enough to allow for more ferrets, if not, you will need to upgrade your ferret's cage to a bigger more accommodating model. 2. When you bring your new ferret home to meet the others, make sure that the intro takes place gradually and on neutral ground, not in an already established cage, but in a playpen or closed off, ferret-safe room. 3. Keep the new fuzzy in a separate, clean (not marked by other ferrets) cage during the introductory stage - this could take a few days. 4. Always supervise face-to-face time, don't run off and tend to another task, just in case you need to separate some members of the family. 5. Keep in mind that young energetic ferrets tend to do better with the same as opposed to introducing a baby in a mature, often mellower family. 6. Remember as in any family, a pecking order will be established, so don't be alarmed by the bushy tails and hissing noises. As long as no serious injury is occurring, this is all normal behavior. Add to your family by visiting one of these fine retailers: Petland Pet Supplies Plus Pet Supermarket Country Max Petland Discounters Pet's Plus Pet World
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