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The Skinny on the Stink

Lets face it; our pets don't always smell as fresh as we wish they did. Dogs tend to have smelly coats and bad breath, cats have smelly litter pans, ferrets have a musty smell, rabbits, guinea pig and hamsters all don't smell so lovely either. But, there is no reason to fret, with proper care and some great grooming products, your pets will smell clean and fresh. Proper grooming plays a key role in reducing pet odor. Bathing, trimming and brushing your pets is an essential part of taking care of them. Giving your pet a bath once a month, every 3 to 4 weeks, can greatly reduce the odors that tend to accumulate. In addition to bathing, pets need their teeth cleaned just like you do; you should brush your pet's teeth at least once every other week, if not once a week, to reduce plaque and tartar build-up, which often leads to decay, infection and tooth loss - all causes of bread breath. Good Bye Odor is an excellent way to stop odors before they start. Made for dogs, cats, ferrets, and small animals; Good Bye Odor is a natural product that neutralizes pet's waste, urine and body odors in the digestive tract, before odors have a chance to get out! Just add a few pumps to your pet's daily water or food supply. Marshall Pet Products also offers external odor fighting products for when your pets are having a particularly smelly day. Dogs seem to smell especially pungent after rigorous outdoor activities, for this we offer Wet Dog. As the name suggests, this product works effectively in removing that wet dog smell, as well as other offensive smells. Wet Dog eliminates the odor, as opposed to masking the odor, with an all-natural formulation. Another great odor removing product is Skunk Free; which does just what the name suggests, eliminates skunk odors. Skunk Free is also made from an all-natural formulation; both products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. For ferrets in between baths we offer Ferret Cologne, Daily Spritz, and Tea Tree Spray. All of these products give your ferret a fresh smelling coat between baths and don't adversely affect their body's natural oils. Tea Tree Spray and Tea Tree Shampoo are both safe and natural ways to deter fleas and ticks. We know you love your pets no matter what, but now you can love them without wrinkling your nose! Visit to see our full line of grooming products.
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