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Three types of people perfectly suited for ferret ownership

Ferrets are a unique pet, and an ideal choice for those who don't have a lot of space or a lot of time, but still want to enjoy the companionship of a furry friend. Here are three types of people who should consider becoming a farrent: People who are busy. Of course, those with no time at all to devote to a pet should consider not having a pet at all--or, at least, sticking to a fish tank. But the beauty of owning a ferret is that it doesn't require regular walks or outdoor playtime. (Many ferret owners still do these things with their pets, but it's not required.) Ferrets do require four hours of playtime outside their cage per day. It does not have to be four hours all at one time--it can be spaced throughout the day. Since ferrets use a litterbox, there is no pressure on the ferret owner to, say, rush home from work to let their pet out. As long as ferrets regular playtime outside the cage, they are happy.

"I'll snugglle up with you in any small space."

People who keep jobs with irregular hours. Since ferret playtime doesn't have to be in one set block of time, this offers ferret owners flexibility. Some people who work nights or irregular shifts might have trouble caring for a dog, for example. But a ferret can easily adjust to anyone's schedule. Ferrets sleep up to 20 hours per day. So if the ferret playtime needs to be in the middle of the night, when the rest of the world is asleep, that's perfectly fine. In fact, a ferret can be awoken at any time for playtime. Just give him a minute to wake up, and make sure he uses the litterbox first! And the more ferrets play, the more, and deeper, they will sleep.

People who live in apartments or small spaces. Ferrets don't need a lot of room for their running, hopping, dooking and weasel war dancing. Any open floor space will do. For those who can't let ferrets run around uncontained, the Marshall Playpen is a solid option. The Super-Thru Way, a perennial ferret favorite, can be coiled up and tucked in any small space. Even homemade tops like boxes, paper grocery bags and more can keep a ferret entertained for hours.

Does any of the above apply to you? Think about getting a ferret! They are truly a special and rewarding fuzzy companion.

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