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Tighter Pants: Trixie, Tyrone & the Cable Guy

CABLE GUY: I need to run some cables.

Faint scratching sounds emanate from inside the closet.

CABLE GUY: I need to check around for another outlet. Mind if I look around?

Goes to open the door to the next room.

ME: Um, no, of course not. But...there are two small animals in there. Don't be freaked out.

CABLE GUY opens door. Tyrone and Trixie look up, blinking.

CABLE GUY: Oh! Ferrets. Cute. I used to have one.

Tyrone and Trixie begin to run around him, sniffing and batting at the cords strewn about.

CABLE GUY: I don't see another outlet. So, we'll have to cancel this job for today.

Trixie runs underneath his feet.

CABLE GUY: Let me call in and cancel. [Dials his speakerphone.] Joe? Hey, Joe. This job is going down. Repeat, this job is going down. I can't do anything today...she needs to call--[Trixie runs under his feet .] Hey, oops! What? Oh. I just kicked this lady's ferret across the room. [Exaggeration.]

CABLE GUY'S BOSS, [via speakerphone:] Ferrets? Fun. I used to have one. Watch out. They get into everything!

Tyrone starts scratching at CABLE GUY's pants leg. Trixie is rummaging in boxes while he is trying to pack up his stuff.

CABLE GUY [wiggling his leg]: Yeah. The other one is trying to run up my pants leg now.

CABLE GUY'S BOSS: Yeah, that's what they do. You gotta wear tighter pants, Joe. Tighter pants.

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