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Tips for Trimming Your Ferret's Nails

Before trimming your ferrets nails be sure to have everything you might need
  • Ferret nail clippers: specially designed scissor style clipper with a notch at the bottom of the blade. Human nail clippers can be used as well if you don't have ferret nail clippers.
  • A distraction: we recommend using Furo-Vite or Furo-Lax; both are not only a treat for your ferret but also good supplements as well.
  • Something to stop bleeding: ferrets have a vain that grows partially through the nail; this area is called the quick. The quick is the small pink under layer of the nail, if nails are trimmed to short this could be painful and bleed. Keep styptic powder, a bar of soap or flour handy, just in case.
NOTE: when trimming just take off the tip of your ferrets nail. After getting everything you will need together you can get your ferret and begin. One Person: When trimming your ferret's nails alone, the distraction aspect is what is going to make this an easy task. We would recommend draping a towel over your legs and placing your ferret on his or her back on the towel. Take the Furo-Lax or Furo-Vite and rub some on your ferret's belly. While you furry friend is busy trying to lick every bit of the treat off, firmly hold each paw, one at a time, and carefully trim each nail. If necessary, do the front two paws one day and the back two the next. For ferrets that really dislike having their nails cut, this may be the easiest clipping technique. Two People: When lucky enough the have two have two people for this task, have one person hold the ferret, stomach facing out. You can still use the Furo-Lax or Furo-Vite as a distraction, this will always make nail trimming more enjoyable for your ferret. While your ferret is distracted the other person should carefully clip the nails in the same manor as recommended above. Ferrets nails should be clipped every two weeks as a part of a regular grooming process. Clipping your ferret's nails after a bath is a great idea as you ferret will be more relaxed. And remember, any grooming process will be a great bonding experience for you and your ferret!
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