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Training your ferret to stop nipping

By Wendy Loughlin Marshall Baby FerretBaby ferrets and adults ferrets need to be taught what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Kits will go through a terrible twos stage at seven to twelve weeks. Here are some helpful suggestions on nip training: 1. Pick the ferret up gently but firmly by the scruff, in a firm voice say "No Bite!" each time the ferret tries to nip. 2. Don't play roughly with your ferret. They will play roughly back to you. 3. Cuddle your ferret and talk constantly in a gentle, soothing voice. 4. Never play using your hands. Always use a toy. 5. Pull your ferret by the scruff across the floor for a short distance. While making hissing sound. Ferrets do this to each other to show dominance. You are showing you are the dominant one. 6. Handle your ferret and interact with him as often as possible. Ferrets that nip need more attention, not less. 7. Put your kit/adult into a carrier for a few minutes after bad behavior occurs. This serves as a "time out". Do not use their regular cage for this purpose. 8. Never reward the ferret by putting him down if your ferret does bite you. This teaches then that biting is the proper way to be let down. 9. Redirection works well for unwanted behaviors. 10. Praise your ferret when it plays nicely. Have a reward system, when you see your ferret doing something you like, give your little one a Bandits Ferret treat or Furo Tone. 11. If you have a biter that doesn't let go, run some cold water over ferret in the sink, so ferret will release. 12. Let your ferret play for a while and run off the excess energy, before interacting with your ferret. The key here is to be patient and consistent in your training. The goal is to turn negative behavior into a positive one.

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