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By now you've read plenty of articles on travel and traveling with your pets, but some messages are worth repeating. Whether your taking a short stroll in town or traveling abroad it's important to know what type of carrier suits your pet best. And you can certainly get a quality shoulder tote or rolling tote without emptying your wallet - just check out the Marshall Fashion Tote or the Marshall Wheelie. Both are sturdy and great for small pets and both are very affordable! So, what to look for in a tote or wheeled carrier? Start by knowing the weight of your pet. Often pet owners are wowed by the design and they forget to take into account that their pet may outweigh the capacity of the carrier. When that happens, stress on the seams occurs and can be a safety issue. It's also important to give your pet ample room in a tote - close quarters for any living creature is just plain uncomfortable.  For carriers with wheels, try to take them for a test drive with your pet if possible. This will prevent buyer's remorse and clue you in on the best travel accessory for your particular pet. Remember, a carrier will roll much differently with a pet on board than without. Ventilation is also important. Make sure there are vents on at least two opposing sides of the carrier, this will ensure good airflow and easier breathing for your furry companion. Safety clips are another nice feature since they secure your pet if you need to open the carrier without creating an escape route. Look for a carrier with clips sewn right in. For more travel items and accessories, click here.

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