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"True testimonies of a 6th grade class!"

Many of you share stories with us that confirm what we have known all along, ferrets are indeed, the best pets ever! Chandra Brewer is no exception, this 6th grade teacher from Tuscaloosa tells us how her room ferret, Roxy, has made a positive change. Read Chandra's and her student's accounts below: All about Roxy...... She is 2 years and one month old and has a brown and cream fur coat. The number one benefit to having Roxy interact with the students is to show them at a young age how to show love and compassion for something. All too often kids grow up without these things. Many kids do have pets, but there are several that do not. Also, they learn how to care for something other than themselves. Many kids will do anything to come down in the morning to clean her cage and pet her for a while  (while she is still relaxed and calm).  As for tricks, none really; she does answer to her name 8 out of 10 times it is called. Roxy will stand on her hind legs for a treat, especially the banana ones. She likes to jump when playing with anything that hangs down. It doesn't matter as long as you have her attention. She loves to play with you. If you begin to run around she really gets fired up.  So cute!  She looks like a spider monkey that is jumping. LOL!!! She loves to go in lunch boxes and take out food. Or better yet, she takes their entire lunch bags because she knows that they have plastic bags inside. She never eats the food but loves to play with plastic bags. She absolutely loves to steal the dry eraser from the boards. While I am teaching, she climbs up to the board and steals it and runs. I found 4 erasers last year, hidden in the corner when we moved the furniture around. Besides lunch boxes and erasers, her next favorite would be pencils!!!! She loves pencils. She goes in the students' pencil pouches to get one out almost every class. Sometimes if one hits the floor she runs over and takes it. It is pretty funny to watch the kids chase her around the class for their pencils.  She usually wins. We know where her secret place is so we can get them back. Best of all, when she is tired she will let you hold her like a baby and go to sleep in your arms. I have to give all of that credit to the kids. The have loved her ever since the day they got her. She is so comfortable and loves to be held. She does make me feel better when I am blue. Thanks for everything! Chandra "I just love it when she's in our class! She runs arounds and squeeks!" Abbey "Roxy is a great motivator to have in class" Alee "It's funny when she tries to dig in your lunch box." Will "She is an awesome pet. She makes me feel great." Jackson "When Roxy is in the classroom, everybody is excited and ready to do their work." Davis Click here to read more of the student letters.

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