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What causes dog urine burns on your lawn?

lawn burn remedyYou'll be saying G-Whiz after your beloved dog relieves himself and DOESN'T leave yellow spots on the lawn! G-Whiz lowers ammonia levels in dog urine, which is known to burn lawns. Here are a few facts on lawn burns and solutions to solve it.
Simply stated, the lawn burn is a result of toxic soil in combination with toxic dog urine. All fertilizers are water-soluble salts. Once man took over from Mother Nature and started to control the growth of her plants with chemicals, Mother Nature said no problem, your future plants will have to absorb these chemicals and eventually get sicker than they already are. Now these unnatural toxins and salts stay in the soil and create this toxicity, road salts and road salt drift also contribute to the soil toxicity.
Most grass plants can withstand up to 400 PPM (parts per million) salts in the soil before they will dehydrate and burn. The ideal range for turf is 75-90 PPM, acceptable is 200-300 PPM, The higher the range, the weaker the plants become. Dog urine contains ammonia salts (nitrogen) 200 PPM and brings the salt index to the dehydration range of 400 PPM.
The urine salts are a result of under-metabolized proteins in the dog's digestive system. These proteins produce the ammonia, which is an organic salt.  G-Whiz works in the dog's digestive system to help metabolize the proteins and reduce the ammonia in the urine. It is the volume of nitrogen (ammonia) that burns the lawn. G-Whiz also contains all the essential amino acids dogs require for good health.
If you are using a high salt fertilizer N (nitrogen) P (phosphorus), K (potassium), from chemical sources and herbicides you would improve the soil conditions situation by using organic and probiotic fertilizer programs designed to reduce the build up of salts in the soil. We have a probiotic lawn program available that would help to detoxify your soil and we also have a product called, Dogonit that will help the yellow spots heal more rapidly.
Another consideration is to lower protein content in the dog's diet. Eg: Much as Vitamin C is good for our health, take too much and our urine turns bright yellow.  The proteins work the same way, when there is more than is needed, it goes off as ammonia in the urine. G-Whiz will work in the digestive system to help metabolize the UNUSED proteins. A lower protein diet will also help reduce the volume of nitrogen being created in the digestive system.
If you are serious about keeping a good lawn and implement these solutions and we can guarantee that the problem will be solved and you and your pet will be much happier.
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