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Who is Cat P. Lee?

The world's foremost authority on cat urine extraction.

Cat P. Lee is the world's foremost authority on cat urine - and cat urine extraction in particular. And he's not just some talking head on infomercials or news programs. He takes matters into his own hands. Literally. That's because his hands are typically wrapped around two bottles of Cat Urine Extractor from Earth's Balance.

It's widely rumored that his mother named him Cat after her favorite musician, Cat Stevens. She would sing to her infant child at night, "ooh baby, baby it's a wild world." The fact that his first name and middle initial formed a somewhat unfortunate two-word phrase seemed to have been lost on her; she never saw what the 'hubbub' was about. But poor Cat spent many a trying day in the schoolyard hearing a steady stream of barbs from his fellow students about his name. It gave Cat toughness; thick skin. It would serve him well in his future.

Cat embraced his name, and a by-product was that he became a borderline fanatical cat lover. At the age of 10, Cat's mother gave him a kitten. The kitten, a male Mackeral tabby, was a mix of gray and black fur, and a ball of energy - and scrappiness - from the first moment it set foot in the family home. Cat named him Atomic Babe. It's unclear why.

Cat and Atomic Babe were nearly inseparable. And it stayed that way for many years. But by Babe's 7 th year, he had begun to pee in places other than his litter box. In the house. Repeatedly.

Cat tried in vain to clean up after Atomic. But it was a losing battle. There was no extraction. The cleaning was superficial. Cat's dad laid down the law: Atomic Babe must go. One day he simply put the beast in the back of his car and drove him off into the country, leaving him at a farm, never to be seen by Cat again.

Devastated, Cat became a man on a mission. Never should anyone be separated from their beloved felines because of cat pee. He studied the ins and outs of cat pee extraction. He became an expert. And his obsession led him on a crusade to seek out homes and families in need of extraction help. One house at a time. One stain at a time.

Now, armed with the only product worthy of his time and efforts - Cat Urine Extractor from Earth's Balance - Cat P. Lee is on the road, one man, ridding the world of unwanted cat pee, and preaching the gospel of Cat Urine Extractor at every turn.

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