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Who knew? Looking at baby animals can make you more productive

[caption id="attachment_1153" align="align-left" width="300" caption=""Hey, guys! Get to work!""]baby animals[/caption] Everyone loves baby animals. Even people who aren't professed "pet-lovers" tend to melt a little when fluffy bunnies and baby chicks enter the scene. They're just so...cute and cuddly! That's one of the reasons we keep them around, right? Whether in real life or in pictures, they make us happy and help relieve stress. But now there's yet another reason to bring even more furry friends into your life: It can actually make you more productive. That's right. According to a new study out of Japan, looking at images of cute baby animals can improve your performance while on the job. The research, led by cognitive psychologist Hiroshi Nittono, speculates that seeing cute baby animals provokes feelings of nurturing in humans, slowing our behavior and enabling us to narrow our focus and take on detail-intensive tasks with more precision. So there you have it! All the more reason you need to pull up those kitten pictures on Pinterest even when it's not quite lunchtime. Because no matter how you slice it, this is one performance-enhancing secret with no discernable downside. After all, what could be bad about looking at baby animals? Except maybe the overwhelming temptation to go pick one up and take home with you. (Teacup pig, anyone?) So, go ahead. Post that Zoo Babies calendar on your corkboard with confidence. It'll increase your mood--and possibly your pay!  

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