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Why Pet Adoption is a Good Idea

Sadly, millions of pets are abandoned each year contributing to overpopulation in shelters and eventually to euthanizing the un-adopted. It is a common misunderstanding that pets from shelters were victims of abuse or have irreparable behavioral issues. While some pets are given up for those reasons, many are taken to shelters due to a change in family dynamics, such as divorce, moving, illness, financial reasons, etc. The majority of these pets are often loving and eager to be companions. Many of them are already trained and house broken. Shelters provide a clean and healthy living environment for homeless pets and often update their vaccinations. Shelters also screen pets according to their personalities so they can assure the best fit for each family and each pet. Pet adoption is a mutually beneficial act. It helps shelters by reducing overcrowded facilities and it helps pet owners find the perfect pet for their particular needs. If you're thinking about adding to your furry family, consider adopting - you'll be doing a world of good. Here's  a few links to some of our friends who dedicate their time rescuing abandoned pets. To find a pet rescue center near you, simply do an internet search in your area. Wind & Willows Ferret Rescue Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter Rocky's Ferret Rescue & Shelter Texas Ferret Lover's Rescue Furry Ferret Rescue The Humane Society

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