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Even the most daring dogs and the friskiest felines can have a bad day and wind up with cuts and scrapes. How you treat these wounds is what sets your dog or cat apart from all the rest, they need to be treated with the most effective pet products in order to heal fast and stay on top of their game. Canine Solution and Feline Solution from the Earth's Balance product line are the perfect solution. These Solutions are completely safe to use anywhere on your pets, even in the mouth and eyes, because they are all-natural. They contain electrolyzed oxidizing water, which helps wounds heal faster while keeping them clean and preventing infections. From small cuts and scrapes to larger abrasions, as well as a wide range of other problems, these solutions can effectively treat your pets and save you time and money on vet trips. Earth's Balance isn't just for dogs and cats; there are great solutions for all of your pets. Like Canine and Feline Solutions, Avian Solution is great for your bird's daily needs and Pet Solution is just what you need for all of your other pets, such as ferrets, rabbits, and other small animals. Get the solutions that are right for your pets, and keep them happy and healthy no matter what they might run into. For a full list of uses of these great products, as well as the other products that Earth's Balance offers, please visit

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